1. GSIC Forum

Preparing to Scale: A Session for Purpose-Oriented Georgia Startups

Funding, HR and Employee Benefits are discussed.  Health insurance starts about minute 17:30.


Passcode: fhw+9x?@

1hr15min; Recorded 8/19/21

2. Chat with Leaders

Jeff Bond interviews GSBG’s Hal Schlenger about health insurance trends and ways to hack the system.


3. Radio X 

John Ray interviews GSBG’s Hal Schlenger about health insurance trends and ways to hack the system.


4. YakOpinions with Tom Yankopin

Tom and Hal discuss Free Market Medicine.

44 min; recorded 5/04/2021

5. The Jungle Podcast  with Dakota Ward

Simplifying Healthcare


Linked In notes

Recorded 12/16/2020

6. Out2Lunch channel

GSBG’s Hal Schlenger presents ways to select the right healthcare solution, which leads to a conversation with attendees

23 min; recorded 9/13/2021

7. Your Company Health with Andre Wright

Is the Healthcare System Broken?  We touched on a wide range of issues including healthcare plans, telemedicine, and price transparency.

23min; recorded 4/05/2021       

2min highlight at  https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6785622009754738688/

8. Blogs & New Articles

Blog:  Reg Council of Churches listing


Length:  2 minute read


9. Wellness plans not yet a success: 

10. Ddavid contorno

11. Steve Forbes: What’s Ahead on Apple Podcasts.

Steve Forbes What’s Ahead…. Is Better Healthcare At Dramatically Lower Costs Possible In The U.S.? from


Steve Forbes interviews Dr Keith Smith of the Oklahoma Surgery Center https://www.forbes.com/sites/steveforbes/2020/12/04/saving-money-and-saving-lives-with-dr-keith-smith/?sh=5b1fe5bdf057

12. U Chicago balance billing 

NORC AmeriSpeak Omnibus Survey: surprise medical bills. NORC at the University of Chicago. 2018. http://www.norc.org/PDFs/Health%20Care%20Surveys/Surprise%20Bills%20Survey%20August%202018%20Topline.pdf.   ALSO:  https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/10.1161/CIRCULATIONAHA.120.049207

13. Dental / Medical comparison chart

Group under 5: not currently in group, so no idea when you last saw dentist. 

The Pond…The Beam

Add vision, 5% of dental bundle discount for both

You let them put the fear on you’: Van Morrison teams with Eric Clapton for anti-lockdown song



https://getmightywell.com/article/”       “How to get some of these certifications (and nice, basic website).

Note the certifications / memberships that Liz has on http://intrepid7.com/theincrowd/

Liz Frayer: Liz’s creativity, innovation and enthusiasm position Intrepid uniquely among the employee benefits industry, one not often associated with originality and passion. Liz inspires our team such that these qualities are parlayed in how we interact with each client’s culture. Liz has been with us since 1996, starting out as a Benefit Advocate. Through the years she served in every role and grew so passionate about the company that she bought it!

Registered Health Underwriter® (RHU), The American College

Certified in Healthcare Consumerism (CHCC)

FFM Individual and SHOP Marketplace Certification

Certified PPACA Professional

Certified in Self Funding by the National Association of Health Underwriters

Certified in Voluntary Worksite Benefits by the National Association of Health Underwriters

Georgia resident license in Accident, Sickness and Life”

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